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Modus-O is a complete field service, work order dispatch, and asset management system delivered in a software-as-a-service model. With our unique approach to asset management, building and deploying complex procedures including data validation is simple. Modus-O targets a variety of service industries.

Modus-O is an enterprise system that touches each and every department of a company.


Modus-O is a groundbreaking platform that combines asset management, work order dispatching, quality control, and operational procedures and guidance for virtually any industry.


Modus-O is a join venture between VSC, a measurement and process controls leader, and Stratusi, an enterprise development and hosting provider. Learn more about how our unique blend of skills and experience make Modus-O a revolutionary platform. 


Whether you are a one-man shop or a multinational enterprise with tens of thousands of employees, there are
Modus-O options available. 

Manufacturing Solutions

Fabrication & Assembly

Product Packaging

Quality Control

Construction Solutions

Property & Building Maintenance

Plumbing & HVAC

General Contractors

Life Science Solutions

Medical Equipment

Laboratory Testing

Device Calibration

Automotive Solutions

Mechanical Repair

Tire, Brake & Muffler

Salvage & Inspection

Public Sector Solutions

Water, Electric & Gas

Highway Maintenance

Emergency Management


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